The 4 steps of our recruitment process

Adapt our research strategy and enhance checks during the selection process to offer a high quality service

Understanding your needs

Before each recruitment assignment, we schedule a meeting with the HR department and / or the Manager. The objective is to have a comprehensive understanding of your expectations in terms of skills and qualifications.

Research of candidates

  • L&A Partners has a substantial database of qualified candidates, gathered only from the insurance industry. This tool enables our consultants to conduct an initial search on candidates who have been identified, evaluated and who are open to new opportunities.
  • When appropriate, we use job postings on specialized job boards to reach our target market.
  • Thanks to our strong expertise we are effective in approaching directly targeted candidates in all necessary markets both, in France and abroad.

Screening and presentation of candidates

Before a one-on-one interview, candidates go through personality assessment tools. These tools have been developed and validated in accordance with the most demanding international scientific standards (ATA and ETS Standards) in order to maximize the capability of predicting employee behavior and skills. During the interview, the recruiter evaluates the technical competencies of the candidate, and assesses his/her personal skills. The interview offers the opportunity to debrief the candidate on the assessment tools and to discuss personality results further.

With the candidate's permission, we do reference checks with previous employers to confirm the opinion of the recruiter.

Following that, each selected profile is sent to you by email, along with the résumé, the recruiter's assessment, and, on your request, the results of the evaluation tools.

Foreign candidates go through the same recruitment process, except that the interview is conducted by videoconference or over the phone.

Selection and integration of your new employee

If necessary, we advise you on the final choice of your future employee. We follow up with the candidate for the first few months in his/her new position ensure a smooth transition into your company.