International recruitment

An efficient recruitment process which allows us to offer quality recruitment for international candidate searches.

Foreign candidates are evaluated using the following process:

  • Candidates take personality assessment tests for accurate analysis of their skills. These tools have been developed and validated in accordance with the most demanding international scientific standards (ATA and ETS Standards) in order to maximize the accuracy of predicting employee behavior and skills. We can offer these tools in 10 different languages.

  • Following this, the recruiter conducts an interview by videoconference or over the phone during which he evaluates the technical competencies of the candidate, and assesses his/her personal skills. The interview offers the opportunity to debrief the candidate on the assessment tools and to discuss personality results further.

  • With the candidate´s permission, we do reference checks with previous employers to confirm the opinion of the recruiter.

  • Following that, each selected profile is sent to you by email, along with the résumé, the recruiter´s assessment, and, on your request, the results of the evaluation tools.