Our competitive advantage

5 key pillars to offer to our clients an efficient and reliable recruitment process while remaining very reactive

Our specialty

Thanks to our specialization we have an excellent and comprehensive understanding of your environment and your specific needs.

Our response

In the event we recruit only a limited number of candidates, we are able to respond quickly, while keeping an excellent level of service.

Dedicated consultants

Because a recruiter works best in an environment he knows, we do not increase the number of representatives working with our clients. On the contrary, we build stable ongoing relationships based on trust and personal service.

A company on a human scale

That allows us to have flexibility vis-à-vis our clients and to meet the needs of each client in the best possible way.

An in-depth knowledge of the international market

When appropriate, we extend our focus to international candidates. Our experience of global recruiting approach allows us to offer you international and / or local candidates.